Company Overview

Our pizza speaks for itself. More importantly, it does so in a distinctive voice that’s savory and unique, original and vibrant, and yet somehow familiar and delightful. Once you’ve heard it, you’ll never forget it.

We make the average and monotonous disappear. We are painfully aware that our competition is willing to ask you to compromise, but we won’t let you. We can’t. We’ll never be in this to just make a few bucks – to pump out a few more boring cardboard pizzas. We want you to become roaring fans of our pizza madness. This is our craft – our passion and mission. Our pizza insanity. Our Culture of Crust. If you do not love our pizza, if it does not excite you, then we have failed you (or you may just have terrible taste).

Craft is a new buzzword in the restaurant industry. Anyone can tell a craft story and brand the word on a t-shirt. We didn’t want to just talk about it, we wanted to define it with our food, our commitment to getting better every day and our old-fashioned gen-u-ine care for how we roll. And toss. And serve.

Careers? In Pizza? Hell, Yes!

Craft is about passion. At The Roman Candle Pizza, we guarantee this: We will out-care our competitors.

We’re always looking for passionate, friendly food lovers to join The Roman Candle family. If you enjoy putting a smile on someone’s face with good food and drink, you’ll fit right in. If you enjoy cooking with the finest ingredients and crafting food, not just serving up another boring meal, you’re one of us. You bring the excitement and dedication, we’ll bring the knowledge for making gourmet food from scratch and teach you all the fundamentals you’ll need for a successful career in the service world.

Company Culture

The Roman Candle Pizza was born in Madison, WI because Brewer Stouffer was bored with pizza. Really bored. And uninspired by all the blase’ fare brandished on commercials promising ever-larger portions at ever-decreasing prices. Was anyone paying attention to quality, or asking how pizzas could actually be made with fresh ingredients for under 10 bucks? Pizza parlors had lost what once made them special. Forget faster and faker. Throw away the canned toppings and cookie-cutter processes. Brewer wanted to reinvent a piece of the past, a rebirth of the pizza parlor where friends and family could come to unwind and relax. A pizzeria that was a cut above the rest, where taking your time was applauded and ‘handcrafted’ wasn’t a dirty word.

This, Brewer decided, would be his mission. The Roman Candle Pizza would be his passion.

At The Roman Candle, we believe in the real deal. That means each pizza is handcrafted fresh to order. You know, hand-tossed by bare-knuckled pizza makers schooled in the art of quality and craft. Forget the preservatives. Forget the sugar. We make our dough every day from scratch using only unbromated flour (do you even know what that is? We do!) We hand-toss it for each and every order. We keep our pizzas pure and delicious with hand-chopped toppings, high-quality meats and 100% Wisconsin cheeses from dairies and creameries we trust. The result?  Locally-sourced premium pizza made with world famous Wisconsin cheese, complemented with local farm fresh ingredients.

Come find out what our fans already know: Doing things the right way just tastes better. It’s what our Culture of Crust is all about.

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